Barcode Acceptance – Which stores do not accept ‘normal’ barcode numbers?

While the vast majority of stores accept barcodes from barcode resellers (provided that the barcodes adhere to their standards) – there are a few stores that accept only GS1 Barcode numbers. These stores vary from country to country. Please see the following links for country specific barcode acceptance information.

Some companies may also require verification reports to be done for all of the barcodes entering their stores. The verification report must be done on the barcode as it will appear on the final product packaging this is to ensure that the barcode that is ‘verified’ is the same as the one actually being used in the store.

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If you are unsure whether certain barcodes will be accepted by your retailers then you should check with your barcode reseller and with your retailer to ensure that there will not be any problems when it comes to stocking your product