Where to Buy Barcodes?

You can buy barcodes for your products from the International Barcodes Network (IBN). The International Barcodes Network is a group of barcode suppliers that operate in many countries around the world. They have sold barcodes to over 100,000 customers in more than 120 countries worldwide. The barcodes they supply are internationally recognised EAN (and UPC) barcodes that can be used worldwide. If you want to purchase barcodes from the International Barcodes Network, you can either go to any of the member sites below or else go to the main International Barcodes.com website.


Austria (Barcode Oesterreich) – barcodeoesterreich.at

Belgium (Codes à Barres Belgique)codesabarres.be

Bulgaria Barcodes – barcode-bg.bg

Croatia Barcodes – croatiabarcodes.com

Czech Republic Barcodes barcodes.cz

Denmark (Stregkoder Danmark)stregkoder.nu

France (Codes à Barres France)codesabarres.fr

Germany (Barcode Deutschland)barcodedeutschland.de

Greece Barcodesbarcode1.gr

Ireland Barcodesbarcode1.ie

Italy (Codici a Barre Italia)codiceabarra.it

Kazakhstan (Штрих-коды Казахстана) barcodes.kz

Netherlands (Barcodes Nederland)barcodebestellen.nl

Portugal (Codigos de Barras Portugal) – codigos-de-barras.pt

Romania & Republic of Moldova (Cod de Bare România) coddebareromania.com

Russia Barcodes (штрих- коды Россия)scancodes.ru

Slovenia Barcodes – sloveniabarcodes.com

Spain (Códigos de Barras España)codigos-de-barras.es

UK Barcodesbarcode1.co.uk

UK Barcodesbuybarcodes.co.uk

Ukraine Barcodes – barcodes.com.ua



Afghanistan Barcodes – barcodesafghanistan.com

Bangladesh Barcodesbangladeshbarcodes.com

Hong Kong Barcodesbarcodes.hk

India Barcode1barcode1.in

India Barcodes – indiabarcodes.com

Indonesia Barcodes – barcodesindonesia.com

Kazakhstan Barcodesbarcodes.kz

Nepal Barcodesbarcodesnepal.com

Pakistan Barcodesbarcodes.pk

Philippines Barcodesbarcodes.ph

Singapore Barcodesbarcodes.sg

Singapore Barcodessingaporebarcodes.com

Barcodes Thailandbarcodesthailand.com

Barcodes Vietnamvietnambarcodes.com



Australia Barcodesbarcodesaustralia.com

Australia Barcodesbarcode1.com.au

New Zealand Barcodesbarcodes.co.nz

Barcodes Papua New Guineapngbarcodes.com

Barcodes Fijibarcodesfiji.com



Algeria (Codes à Barres Algérie)codesabarresalgerie.com

Angola (Codigos de Barras Angola) angolacodigosdebarras.com

Botswana Barcodesbarcodesbotswana.com

Cameroon (Cod Bare Cameroon)codebare.cm

Egypt Barcodesbarcodesegypt.com

Ethiopia Barcodesethiopianbarcodes.com

Ghana Barcodesbarcodesghana.com

Kenya Barcodesbarcodeskenya.com

Lesotho Barcodeslesothobarcodes.com

Malawi Barcodesmalawibarcodes.com

Namibia Barcodes – namibiabarcodes.com

Nigeria Barcodesbarcodesnigeria.com

Rwanda Barcodesbarcodesrwanda.com

South Africa Barcodesbarcode1.co.za

Sudan Barcodessudanbarcodes.com

Tanzania Barcodesbarcodestanzania.com

Togo Barcodescodesabarrestogo.com

Uganda Barcodesbarcodesuganda.com

Zambia Barcodesbarcodeszambia.com

Zimbabwe Barcodesbarcodeszimbabwe.com



Canada Barcodesinternationalbarcodes.com

US Barcodesinternationalbarcodes.com

World Barcodes worldbarcodes.com



Brazil (Códigos de Barras Brasil)comprarcodigos.com.br

Ecuador (Códigos de Barras Ecuador) – codigosdebarras-ecuador.com

Mexico Barcodes – barcodemexico.com

Peru (Códigos de Barras Peru) – codigosdebarras-peru.com

Venezuela (Códigos de Barras Venezuela)codigosdebarras-venezuela.com



Barcodes Afghanistan – barcodesafghanistan.com

Egypt Barcodes – barcodesegypt.com

United Arab Emirates Barcodes – uaebarcodes.com



International Barcodesinternationalbarcodes.com

Mega Barcodesmegabarcodes.com

Quality Barcodesqualitybarcodes.com

World Barcodesworldbarcodes.com