How can I use barcodes to monitor my own stock?

If you are only using the numbers internally to keep better track of your own stock, then what you need are asset barcode labels. You can make up your own set of barcode numbers for each of your products using some combination of letters and/or numbers of your choosing.

Code 39 barcode images are frequently used by businesses to monitor their own internal stock. Code-39 is widely used and can be decoded with virtually any barcode scanner. Some small products will be too small for a Code-39 barcode label (if so, Code-128 may be better for you). You make up your own set of numbers that you want to use to help monitor your internal stock. Your chosen set of numbers then need to be inputted into a program that can create Code-39 (or Code-128) barcode images.

Once you have your barcode numbers, you may be able to produce your own images and/or labels depending on your system & printer.

If you cannot, you need to purchase either:

a) Digital barcode images (to print out yourself). If you need barcode images, please send us an email ([email protected]).

b) Sticky barcode labels (sequential asset labels). If you need barcode labels, please click on one of the following links (depending on your location): UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

After you have received your barcode images or labels, put them onto the stock items & then enter the stock and barcode information into your stock management system. After this, when you scan a barcode, the item information should appear on the screen of the scanner (or computer).

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