Codigos de Barras Bolivia – International Barcodes arrives in South America

The International Barcodes Network has set it’s sights on South America, by recently making it’s Bolivia member site live and usable. Now South Americans can get reasonably priced International Barcodes by purchasing barcodes directly on this Spanish site This allows users who may not speak English to discuss their barcoding needs with the Spanish speaking staff.

Managing this site falls to a partnership of 3. Paulo Anderson is in charge of sales and marketing strategy, his job involves talking directly to businesses in the Santa Cruz area as well as planning out marketing strategies for the Bolivian and South American markets. Willians Duabyakosky is the second partner, he ensures the website is up to date and manages the social media profiles. If you call up Codigos de Barras Bolivia, it is most likely Willians that you will talk to. Thirdly John Allis, based in New Zealand, acts as a bridge between International Barcodes and Codigos de Barras Bolivia. He is in charge of SEO marketing for the Bolivia site and is bringing the other two up to speed on various aspects of barcoding.

Codigos de Barras Bolivia already offers a wide range of barcode products, including the standard EAN-13 or UPC-A Barcode Packages, QR Codes, ITF-14 Carton Codes, Code 128/39 barcodes and various other types of barcodes. They plan on having barcode labels available shortly.

This is an exciting leap forward for the International Barcodes Network. As well as being the first International Barcodes Site in South America, it is also the first South America specific barcode reseller designed to cater for South American product developers.

We wish them all the best with this new project! If you want barcodes in South America you can contact them here.