Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration is not compulsory (your barcodes will work without registration), however registration is a great way to link your barcode to your product & company on the internet.With Barcode Registration, barcode numbers are linked back to the company that owns them through their barcode number. There are two ways this can happen:

1. Through the GEPIR database: GEPIR is an out-of-date database operated by GS1 ( Unfortunately, a lot of the information on this database is inaccurate (because it hasn’t been up-dated in decades). GS1 won’t update the database to reflect current barcode ownership. The GEPIR database also has no product details in it.

2. Through other major databases on the internet: There are currently about six great barcode databases operating online. With these databases, your barcode number and product can be registered – so that when an internet search is done for your barcode number, the product and company details will be found (this also works for smart-phone barcode scanning apps).

If you want to get your barcode numbers registered (to your company & product) in these six major databases, then there are a few barcode companies that offer this service for a very affordable price. Please click on one of the following links:

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