Using Magazine Barcodes

Magazines use ISSN Numbers (International Standard Serial Numbers) which are 8 digit numbers which can be converted into 13 digit numbers and encoded using EAN-13 symbology to make magazine barcodes. So, if you have a magazine, the first step to barcoding it, is to ‘get and ISSN number’. This is fairly easy to do as all ISSN Numbers are assigned by one international agency who do not charge anything for ISSN numbers. Please see ‘The ISSN Agency‘ to apply for an ISSN for your country.

Once you have obtained your ISSN Number, the second step is to convert your 8 digit number into a 13 digit number. this is done as follows

‘1234-5678’ – this ISSN Number can be converted as follows

1. a ‘977’ is added to the beginning = 97712345678

2. the final digit check-sum is deleted = 9771234567

3. a ’00’ is added to the end = 977123456700

4. the check digit is recalculated = 09771234567003

The next step is to establish what format you would like your magazine barcode in, as magazine barcodes are seen in 3 different formats which handle the ‘multiple issues’ issue slightly differently

1. The first format is a standard 13 digit ISSN number encoded with EAN-13 Symbology. In this case the same number would be printed on every issue of the magazine.

2. The second format is created by changing the numbers added to the end of the ISSN number when turning it into a 13 digit number – these numbers are usually ‘00’ however can be anything from 00-99. If these numbers are changed, a separate barcode image could be created for each issue.

3. The third format is created by adding a 2-digit supplement to the end of the EAN-13 barcode (EAN-13+2 format). The supplement can be changed from issue to issue. For example, the supplement number can be changed to represent the month of the issue (i.e. 01-12) or the week of the issue (01-52).

Once you have established what format you would like your barcode in, you can get you images created by professionals for a reasonable cost. If you are unsure about any of the information above or would like advice about which format is best for you, they are also able to help with this.

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