Why do retailers use barcodes?

Almost all retailers today use a barcode system in their store, because barcodes are so useful. Barcode numbers are used by retailers for two main purposes:

1) They are always used by retailers for the product pricing at the checkout – so if products are similar, but have different pricing, they MUST have different barcode numbers.

2) Ssome retailers also use barcode numbers to keep track of stock (within their computer system), and to decide what needs to be reordered. If you are supplying to retailers that will be using this aspect of barcoding, then you will need a different barcode number for each unique product you have (ie. each product variation: size, colour, design etc). Bar codes make it very easy for store owners to know exactly what amount they have left of each item in their store.

If your retailers require your product to have a barcode, you can order one from one of these barcode suppliers:

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