Getting A Barcode Number For Amazon

Amazon is the largest online company worldwide, and they require every product within their websites to have a unique barcode number. It doesn’t matter if you are listing completely new products online or imported products – every product that you list on Amazon will need to have a unique barcode number to identify it.

You will need a different barcode number for each different product listing on Amazon. It is your choice whether to list each product variation separately (eg. pink towel, blue towel, yellow towel) or make just one listing for your product (and let the buyer request the size/colour they want after ordering).

So, how do you get a barcode number that is suitable for use on Amazon? The best company to go to for affordable, legal barcode numbers is Barcodes Limited. The numbers that Barcodes Limited sells are in either EAN or UPC format, and they are suitable for use on Amazon. Barcodes Limited will work with you (both before and after your barcode order) to ensure that you are able to successfully use your barcode numbers on Amazon. The barcodes that Barcodes Limited supplies are suitable for use on any retail products. Their barcodes can be used not only on Amazon and in other online stores, but also in physical retail shops. Their barcodes are GS1-origin EAN and UPC numbers – therefore, they are suitable for use worldwide. With Barcodes Limited, you can be sure that you are getting valid, authentic, unique barcode numbers.

After you place your order with Barcodes Limited, they will email your barcode numbers to you (if you ordered barcode images as well, you will receive these by email too – although barcode images are not necessary for Amazon if you are dispatching the products yourself). As soon as you receive your barcode numbers, you can start using them! Just enter them into the appropriate part of the online form listing each of your products on Amazon. Amazon will later assign their own unique identification code to your products (an ASIN code) – so your products will end up with two unique barcode numbers.

To buy a barcode from Barcodes Limited, click on one of the following links (depending on which country you live in):

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