Is the product price contained in the barcode number?

A Barcode is purely a unique number – there is no specific product information encoded within the bars. The barcode has no real meaning until the details of the product are entered into a retailer’s software application.

When you supply your product to a retailer, they will input the product’s barcode number, description, cost price, sell price & reordering information into their software system.

After this is complete, whenever your barcode is scanned at the checkout counter, the barcode number is looked up in the software and the product details and price are displayed on the screen. A barcode is purely a link between your product and the product information stored in the computer system. The retailer can change the price (or product information) that is attached to your barcode number at any time.

When you buy a unique barcode number you get a number that only you are allowed to use. This means that no matter what retailer you approach to sell your product, your barcode number will be the only one on his or her system (there will never be a double up).

If you discontinue one product, you may re-use that barcode number on another product – BUT you must pass on this information to the retailer, and ensure that both products are not being supplied at the same time.

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