How to Get a Barcode

If you’ve just developed a new product, well done! Creating and manufacturing a new product is a difficult (and often costly) process. After designing your product, the next step is to get a barcode. Almost all retailers these days require products in their stores to have barcodes, because having a barcode system makes the retailer’s job so much easier! If you are about to introduce your new product to the market, it is a really good idea to put a barcode on it. Most retailers require barcodes (and the few that don’t right now, probably will in another year or two!)

Barcodes are extremely beneficial to retailers, and for this reason most retailers today use a barcode system. Barcodes are used by retailers for two different reasons: The first reason is that barcodes make the sales/checkout process really straight-forward and quick. All the retailer has to do is scan a bar code, and the product information will appear on the checkout screen. The second reason retailers require barcodes is because they use barcodes to keep track of stock. Barcodes make it really easy for retailers to know exactly what quantity they have left of each item in their store. For example, if the little green dinosaur toys are selling faster than the big red ones, the retailer can find out simply by scanning the barcodes. The retailer can then re-order more of the item that is selling faster. This is why retailers love barcodes, and generally require every product in their store to be in possession of one. Without a barcode system, retailers would need to spend their evenings manually counting each individual product in their shop to know what they need to re-order (and what retailer wants to do that?)

If you need barcodes for your retail products, the best type of barcode to get is the EAN-13 (unless you live in the United States). EAN-13 barcodes can be used on absolutely any retail product (except books & periodicals, because they require a specific type of unique number – known as an ISSN or ISBN). EAN-13 barcodes are 13-digit barcodes (formed from a UPC number).

If you don’t have a barcode for your new product yet, don’t worry! Getting a barcode for your product is actually very easy and simple. The best place to get a barcode is from Barcodes Limited (also known as Barcodes Limited). Barcodes Limited can provide you with unique GS1-origin EAN-13 barcode numbers. The EAN-13 barcodes they supply can be used worldwide.

To get a barcode for your product, all you have to do is to go to one of the Barcodes Limited websites and order barcodes from their Shop Page. You can pay either by credit card, PayPal, bank deposit, or Western Union. As soon as they receive your order, the barcode specialists at Barcodes Limited will generate your barcodes. You will receive your barcode numbers & digital images by email. You can then put the barcodes onto your products and give the products to your retailers. As soon as your retailers receive your barcodes they will enter the product information & barcode numbers into their system. There is no need to register your barcodes anywhere – you can start using them straight away!

To get a barcode from Barcodes Limited, please click on one of the following links (depending on your location):

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